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scrapbooking post by ffitzpatrick
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This week in scrapbooking 6-15-12

Here's a tutorial on washi tape

The gist: rip tape and apply.  It's very versatile

As expected, there is a summer distress pad.  Cleverly, its release was announced in Australia, so when your local LSS goes to war over summer supply chain issues, they'll be half a world away.
Dylusions just got a new competitor

Here's a sentence we look upon with envy from Cathy Zielske
This is on McDonald's Coffee:
Holy Swill, Bat Children. It tasted like the worst basement coffee in the history of the Lutheran Church.
If we ever wrote something so clearly derogatory about any product or even mentioned any religion in an innocuous way, the phone would be off the hook.  Your words are dangerous and at that height, just one can cut us like a knife.

Here's another one from Tammy Tutterow that piqued our interest:

As we all know, English teacher David McCullough, son of THE David McCullough told his students, "You're Not Special"
Well, when Dad obsesses over great strangers in history, son probably doesn't feel special either.  We once told a high school of kids that half of them are below average.  So to stand out, you have to work very hard.  But as age has mellowed aspiration, there's an easier way.  It's far harder for strangers to find you special than friends and family.  So, to feel special, spend more time with family.

HS has a video tutorial to make an album from a frame.
The gist: Make an album about the size of a frame and then glue it on a frame.

Here's another tutorial, that isn't really a tutorial.  It's an answer to life's mysteries.  Why are women in the bathroom for so long?
The gist:  There is no gist.  This tutorial is longer than the protocol to design and build nuclear weapons.  We're going to make it to Mars before this is done.

Here's a Bo Bunny album a mother made of her kid's cutest quotes:
She detailed every page so if you're Chinese, you can see how your kid/grandkid's intelligence compares against her.  The girl is five.  (p.s.  We're Chinese, so ha! we're not racist).

G45 has a new buy and cover tutorial for a vintage jewelry box:
The gist: Buy box and cover with product

And for your favorite fish, a recipe for worms
made out of jello.  They'll think its fine until, wait a minute...  Why is this so delicious?  The jist.  Mix 4 parts raspberry jello, 1 part gelatin, less than 1 part whipping cream and 15 drops of green food coloring together and pour into straws.  Unmold with running water.

Layout a Day offered a free report on pinterest for scrapbookers, that you could get free if you tweet.

And the most awesome thing was the people complaining because they don't tweet, as if they were entitled to the report.  Sadly, like a sportscast diverting away from the crazy person on the field, all the rude comments were deleted.  If only she would have kept them, we would be able to see what happens when you don't parent your kids.  Well, we've asked in the comments section.  Maybe they'll be reinstated.  In the meantime, kid: "You're not special."

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Negative comments reinstated. Far be it for me to stand in the way of entertainment! PS love your post. You made me laugh.
Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 3:12pm

Well, if you've read this far, please encourage our bloggers.

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