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scrapbooking post by ffitzpatrick
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 This week in scrapbooking 3-9-12

The two major currents in scrapbooking are vintage finds and hybrid scrapbooking
Schizophrenic.  We've seen paper sales orders, purchase orders, bills of lading, invoices etc. made into scrapbook supplies, probably because they evoke the second gilded age of 2012 because frankly, is there one company that has implemented a completely paperless ERP?  Even emailed invoices get printed out and ACH is voodoo.  Well, if you don't understand any of this, maybe you're the ones buying it.

Here's a smart post
The jist, that they even provide, is:
1. The color you stamp the least in will be the focal point (of course it should also be the brighter one in this case)
2. Overlap images for depth
3. Doodle and write in white for more depth.

If that's not enough for you, you can watch the six minute video which basically says the same thing.

Here's a layout done by a mommy bird?

Mustache envy.

This was a layout from a design team member for a famous brand.
If you can't guess which one, it's a statement on what the brand thinks of itself.

Look at this awesome tutorial by Bars Paper Pursuits for MFT
Oh wait, didnt' we see this last month?
Yes.  By Memory Box.  So far, 11 pins for BPP, none for David.
Here's why we like his better
Real tree limb adds greater visual interest
The variegated surface of the moss clumps is more dynamic than generic fake grass
Does not rely on contrived elements such as a bow or pot to effect purpose, it's interesting in its own components.
Sorry Dave, it's hard to be a man.

For a more creative take on all those spiral flowers, here's a nifty thing from suburbNgypsy for the Graphic 45 design team challenge

Except, that's not really Graphic 45?  Wait a minute, we recognize that!  Is it American Crafts?  Well, good luck with that.

Here's a post we rarely see, it has no accompanying picture.  Its an 800 word exposition on creative jealousy which reminds us that scrapbooking is more than just a hobby with paper and stickers.  Isn't it?  It's who we are, it's what we do, its what defines us!  And if it's crappy, well...  Well, maybe we are who we are.  And scrapbooking is just a hobby.  And if we like what we see, we'll take the class.

Collectively, the authors of this column include a magna cum laude English major who eschewed the Rhodes for a scrapbook store.  So, we feel comfortable sharing a favorite tactical sentence construct that makes us appear erudite, despite our obvious expository shortcomings.  Have the courage to begin your sentence with "and".  Where did we learn this ivory tower tactic?  Was it Keats?  Was it Flew?  Wordworth, Miller?  No.  It was Rich.  Mike Rich.  Screenwriter for Finding Forrester.  An otherwise banal movie about a diamond in the rough and a recluse that reminds us why Al Pacino is so great in Scent of a Woman.  Use "And" it in your next Powerpoint to the Board and you'll soon be short tracked to a corner office.

That was a lot of words, now for more pictures.

It seems anything can be made into an embellishment if it has petals nowadays.  The newest: twine flowers.  

Well, that wasn't helpful, try this instead.

Seems as cardmaking has become more popular, Bo Bunny has tried to encourage people to use stamps on layouts.  We agree.  Nothing like a background stamp to really add personality and uniqueness to a layout.  You should get a bunch.  Or, alas, you could just buy better paper.

Some of you may have noticed the expensive vintaj charms we carry.  Turns out there's a secret cheaper alternative metal.
But we won' t tell you what the mystery metal is.  Here's a tutorial.  We're done with Vintage.

The Chinese word for love is missing a stoke.  15 years of Chinese school; first time we've ever used the knowledge.  It's all Greek to me.

Doesn't this remind you of those human trophy heads of victims Kevin consumed in Sin City that were hanging on the wall like deer?  We decided not to offer a picture.

Well, we can't end with that.

Two of these are in a museum.  If you can't tell which ones, do this tutorial and you can have your very one museum quality piece at home.  At least in your own mind.

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Well, if you've read this far, please encourage our bloggers.

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