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scrapbooking post by ffitzpatrick
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This week in scrapbooking 3-16-12

For those of you crazy cats with the shabby chic vintage craziness.  Here's our gift to you:

The very first IRS form from 1862.  Here's a high res version for scrapping your accountant or TaxCut Pro.  It was a lot shorter back then.

There's no better way to start the day than reading about someone's hysterectomy.

Here's a great enamel accents tutorial that will take a day to do
Finally, a purchase worthy technique for enamel accents

Here's another enamel accents tutorial
The jist: Don' t use enamel accents.  Just kidding.  Actually, it's just really involved and you can't do it if you either have a family or a day job.

Here's yet another attempt at a masculine birthday card, this time by the legendary Kwerner designs:
Thus, continuing the string of failed attempts by the scrapbooking industry to prove that masculine birthday cards is not an oxymoron.  Well, it's not.  But it exposes the weak spot in cardmaking.  Cardmaking can be cute, beautiful, gorgeous, sleek, clever and stunning.  Men are adolescent.  It's Mars and Venus.  Here's a masculine birthday card.
Well, you're only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely.  No cardmaker will ever be able to do this without self sacrifice.

We only have a few items on pinterest, largely to avoid turning it into spamterest.  It takes a lot for something to be pin worthy.
Jamie, is this really frame worthy?  If you love yourself so much, what do you have for your kids?  A museum?

We are following an exciting new blog: I'm Kayla Aimee and my life is only slightly neurotic.  
We like it because it teaches us how to be hip.  Here are some tips we've learned to achieve hip awesomeness
  1. Punch up your funny callbacks with the "See: callback" pattern.  Example: Naturally, there are other ways to be hip. See: other items on this list 
  2. Use "all about" or "fan of" to denote affinity: Example:  I'm all about hip blogs
  3. Turn adjectives into nouns with the following pattern: "adjective awesomeness"  Example: See: above
  4. Use "rock" as a verb.  Example: The way we rock this blog
  5. Turn verbs and adjectives into nouns with the pattern "verb on".  Example: Get our hip on.
  6. Use italics or parenthesis to have conversations with yourself or for winky asides Example: I could have had a better set of examples if I were actually hip.  Thanks prepubescent social bullies.  But instead I'm writing for a scrapbooking blog.  (And a real blog that no one really reads).
  7. Disrupt the cadence of your sentance with "so" Example: We are so not hip
  8. Insert a side conversation at the end of the paragraph by breaking the fourth wall.  This example is for you, Viv.
  9. Use the double false modesty the way contemplative people use the double negative.  Example: This is now such a hip post (me jests)
  10. Use little paragraphs.  This could be a difficult example to show.
...Maybe not.

Anyway, here's an example we prepared:

Hi.  I'm John Boehner. Speaker of the whole House as if I represent both parties.
Life is hard in our nation.  Seriously.  Millions looking for work.  Spending binge in Washington.  I get it. Before I got my Speaker on, I was rocking a small business in Ohio. And it's different See: last week's post on the word "And".  We all earn what we spend (nevermind the whole credit crisis and consumer debt overleverage thing), but not Washington.  They're all about the borrow and spend (as usual...  If this were face to face, I'd be rolling my eyes)

Washington: those days are over. I mean it buddy!

You can read the original here.

Here's KA with a tutorial on how to make a bank from a formula can.
And, of course, the jist.  Cut a slit in the plastic cover.  Decorate.
By the way, we're going to test if other cans such as coffee cans work too.  We'll let you know.

Here's a CD of two interviews with Ali Edwards
Somehow it has a $25 value, but you can get it for free.  It comes with a fairness opinion from Goldman Sachs attesting to the fairness of paying for True Scrap 3 and getting the CD for free.  That doesn't mean the DCF actually plays out to $25.  If True Scrap were really hip, they'd send a link to the content instead of a CD so we could listen to it somewhere other than our Camry.  That Lain.  So vintage.

For those that don't know, Project Life is a scrapbook product where you put pictures and journaling cards into a 12x12 page with many sleeves accommodating them.  We were intrigued when there was a video tutorial
We didn't watch it, because we have a day job, but we think the jist is the PrtScn button captures the screen for subsequent Photoshop manipulation.  There's a large digital divide between silicon valley and Montana if this is video worthy.  But, look more closely; the real tutorial should be on how to cut straight lines.  Incidentally, its a wife congratulating her husband on a rare Facebook post.  We've seen couples have fights on Facebook.  It's the new bedroom.  If all of America is doing this, who's begrudging Google their new privacy rules.

Finally because we have too many readers and we couldn't resist.  Guess what this is.
It's a journal by a teenager collecting her daily thoughts for presentation to her future husband on their wedding day.  We are about as inspired to snark as Tim Holtz is to create looking at a pile of victorian refuse.  But, we must resist.

You all thought it wasn't possible but it is.
toilet paper cozy tutorial

Finally, Mo Isom, a 6 ft female soccer goalie tried out for LSU and failed because she couldn't tackle.
HLNTV reported it with this tweet.

 "I would rather devote 150% of my heart, energy & focus to a goal, & ulimately [sic] fail, then [sic] to quit early or never try. #determination."

We have to all agree, if we quote a tweet, the spelling will be incorrect.  Let it go.  Her parents have a sense of humor.  Mo Isom backwards.

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Well, if you've read this far, please encourage our bloggers.

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