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scrapbooking post by ffitzpatrick
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 This week in Scrapbooking 2-24-2012

We had computer problems so, we're a little short this week.

Here's something amazing:
It's a 30 minute video for busy moms on organizing your kids' stuff.  Our first reaction is, the way to find time to organize it to avoid 30 minute videos on organization.  People who are good enough at making even 22 minutes of audiovisual content that rivet a viewer usually intersperse it with commercials to make money.  However, over 80 people have responded with their own full page testimonials.  Full Page!  We can't even get a sentence.  We're still not going to watch it, but maybe you will.

Here's some photography tips from a beautiful mess.

As usual, we will distill it for those too lazy to read the prose:

1. Mess with the white balance for better color

2. Have the subject face the sun to look cooler
3. Try to use ambient light or diffuse the flash
4. Remove clutter and try to crop in frame
5. Turn off the lights to keep one light source in the photo

1. Take pictures in the shade so the light isn't too harsh
2. Find a big white wall to reflect sunlight for better lighting
3. Try really hard before discarding a location as bad
4. Take your pictures 1 hour before sunset or 1 hour after sunrise for best light
5. Taking a picture so that the sun diffuses through the hair is nice.

And here are some more practical suggestions from TWIS.  We developed these to deal with ugly people, because beautiful pictures of pretty people are easy.
1. Extreme flash bleaches out facial imperfections
2. High angle shots can obscure weird face shape
3. A straight on shot will diffuse a prominent protuberance
4. Soft focus makes small idiosyncrasies disappear
5. An action shot at low exposure can justifiably blur out a repulsive countenance

Would you believe that a scrapbook store created a custom flower stamp called a columbine
The wisdom to never numbering a plane flight 103 or 800 may apply here.

This is a new item.

How do you sing in someone else's?

You could win a jar of odds and ends (crap to non-scrapbookers) from Dear Lizzy.  Or if she just mailed you the cash necessary to ship it, you can go to an LSS and get twice as much.

Crayola Crayon $3

Caran D'Ache Neocolor II $32

Here's a neat tutorial
The jist is that sprays may be embossed so if you want to make jars shimmer, spray and then emboss.


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