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scrapbooking post by ffitzpatrick
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 This week in scrapbooking 2-10-12

Valentine Edition

Bill Cosby once told us that the path to failure was trying to please everyone.  We don't know the key to success either, but here's an indication we found:  The same personality that has created an Olsen Twin empire of scrapbooking with licensed products and relationships with provocraft, photocentric, epiphany crafts, cku and her own line of stuff has the self discipline and will to eat only 1,200 calories a day, which is eight samoas or caramel delites.  This is the daily routine.

Breakfast- 2 eggs, tomato, 1/2 avacodo

Snack Large Apple

Lunch - Lettuce, 4 oz grilled chicken, tomato, grilled onion (love the flavor!), red pepper- SALAD

Snack - Shake (Herbalogica 90 Cal protein shake- blend with water in blender!)

Dinner - Grilled Asparagus, 1 cup brown rice, tomato slices, 1/2 Avacodo

Snack - Kiwi or Orange

12 1/2 glasses of water!!

It gets even better.  Here's a before and after shot.
If you can't tell which one is before and which one is after, neither can we.  That's right, she's putting herself through this without noticeable reward except a number on a scale.  And she teaches classes.  How does she go through a 3 hour class with twelve glasses of water in her?  It must be Depends.  This is why she's successful.  We generally work for the four F's:  Food, Fun, Family and Corporal Intimacy.  She's knocked out two of them for Fame and Fortune.  If only we were stronger willed.

Donna Downey Studios has an online make and take
Of course, it's difficult to actually take the make and take as the tutorial is offered online.  It's really just a small project ghost written by an anonymous contributor

You're older now, we can lift the kimono.  The difference hot chocolate and chocolate milk is temperature.  So to make an easy thing harder, the essence of altered art, we present to you altered chocolate milk:
Here's the tutorial

This was done one crystal at a time
Makes you appreciate Zva Crafts, doesn't it?

Here's a Layout from SEI
We call it the $1 layout.  Normally the couture layouts we see are $50 of products stacked in a mound like this:
since that's how you sell product.  We admire the first one for its noble honesty.  Just kidding, Thumper made it.

Guess how many markers

Here's one with less
But she's only copic certified, not certified to teach copic certification.  That, my friends, it the difference between amateur and professional.  What's the difference?  We don't really know.  It all looks the same to us.

We can't believe this isn't some trademark violation
Makes us want to offer NY Giants scrapbook materials.

One of the hazards of this feature: we found an amazing blog: Bakerella.
This is the only time we'll ever feature it here because it will otherwise dominate this space.  Also, we're sure that consistent reading will lead to loss of career, self delusional certification as a professional pastry chef  and ultimately, early death.

Here's a layout
The journaling read: "The day you became mine was the happiest day of my life.  I only hope I can do you justice."
Here's the cropper and her husband:
And her kid:
Must not have been a happy family life to have to seek solace in a camera.  Empty Nest Syndrome: difficult.

KP celebrates the difficult task of taking pictures for every day in January.
She's going to do this for the entire year.  Funny how people without children occupy themselves.  Actually the hardest thing here isn't taking a picture a day.  A lot of these pictures are of herself.  The hardest thing is getting your friends to repeatedly take pictures of you for your blog and still keeping the friends.  Hopefully they're all scrapbookers and understand.

Here are some new News that made the blogs:
Becky likes to put family pictures on her wall.
Cathy likes to quote movies
Tammy's mother cut her hair with Fiskars scissors
Kwerner wrote the above with a $25 pen.
KP got a new hair cut
Heidi Swapp discovered big magnetic closures because we guess she never heard of similarly strong little ones from Basic Grey
Ink Stains with Roni has a smelly craft room
In other news, Syria is still bombing its people, Same sex marriage approved in Washington legislature, Foreclosure deal reached between government and 7 banks and the Giants won the Superbowl

Here's another from someone who ran out of things to say:
She didn't have time, she had things to do, she had to keep her streak, she didn't want time to stop her, so she threw down this tag and gutted out this post. Ok, bye.
If she had gotten the iPhone, she probably could have just blogged during the one time of the day she simply must sit down.  Or maybe she just did.  She called the post, "Just a Quickie"  That must mean something different in the UK.

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Well, if you've read this far, please encourage our bloggers.

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