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scrapbooking post by ffitzpatrick
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This week in scrapbooking 12-30-11

No 2011 retrospective.

KP gained 10 pounds this year. We don’t know why we put this here....
Oh yeah, how fortuitous:

Help a friend kp, help a friend.

Here’s a tutorial for a phone cosy. We just read the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Issacson (which is a fantastic read). Steve’s turning over in his grave.

Coincidentally, here’s a cozy tutorial for cameras.. What is it with some women and wrapping things in "cute" fabrics such as tissue boxes, toilet paper, remote controls, cameras, phones and babies.

Nope, the hits keep coming:

An ipad cozy. We’re out of stupid snark.

This is the Christmas Card wall of a famous scrapbook fashionista. We noticed it too. There’s not one handmade card in the bunch. Doesn’t speak well for the hobby.

This is a smart layout

Guess how many pens?

Nope, not two or three: 23
With copic certification, this could be you.

Here’s a simple solution for scrapbook store owners who carry Mrs. Grossman’s and have patron with kids.

Does anyone understand this case study business? Here’s the inspiration:
And here’s a entry.

In the same vein, here’s a poem from one of our favorite poets, Emily Dickinson: Wild Nights, Wild Night,
I think I’ll go and fly a kite.
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have a piece of apple pie.

And here’s our doggerel:
I hate getting sand in my toes, salt in my hair and sun in my eyes. Wow, I gotta avoid the beach.


Here’s Ewen Style’s last card for the Case challenge. We can't believe Chupa didn't try to get her back the way we did with Amber.  We follower her blog, but we’ve never mentioned her here before, largely because she does actual tutorials on her blog and doesn’t go much into details about her life or ways to empower oneself or branded products you could buy. Basically, she’s just an awesome card maker we steal ideas from. While we’re here though, here’s a card of hers that wins our Mount Everest award:

That’s for 10 or more layers of stacked product on top of one another. Let’s count.
1. White cardstock
2. Mustard matte
3. Green matte
4. Brown die cut matte
5. Leaf Patterned paper
6. White die cut
7. White lace ribbon
8. Brown die cut
9. Olive oval
10. Olive ribbon
11. White doiley
How do we get shoppers like that?

At first we though this was just another recounting of the holidays that people share because the blog has to be written. Food, carols, presents, religiously inspired activity, whatever. Then we read that she "drugged the kids with benedryl". No kidding? We thought the new interpretation of the Mormon faith fit alcoholic beverages and iced tea under "hot beverages" and thus forbidden by God. Did it not cover purple drank? This story is not complete, of course. We’re offering $100 in product for an email confirmation that she really drugged her kids, or was kidding. Of course, we would only be aware of purple drank because we live in Raider Nation and JaMarcus Russel still sears in our psyche; but have no fear, Carson Palmer soon will be there.

In a long awaited and widely held tradition, Ali Edwards has selected her "One Little Word" for 2012. For those that don’t recall, the prior inspirational words led year long trends in the word usage movement:
2007: Peace
2008: Vitality
2009: Nuture
2010: Story
2011: Light
2012: Up
We originally didn’t want to floccinaucinihilipilificate this event, however, we did come upon one littler word (and apparently a neologism): "Y". Y is like Pluto and the planets, or Buddy and Pteranodons or Ron Paul and Republic presidential contenders . She’s not quite a vowel, and eagerly waits for rhythm and myth be one for one sacred brief moment. She doesn’t have the versatility of E, or the wordly status of A or I. She doesn’t have the text credibility of U or the Cirque the Soliel infamy of O. She’s kind of just forgotten. The last quasi-vowel memorized by children. Relegated to the left pinky by Germans. Never really a vowel. A pity.

Don't knock it.

Ali is not the only one with an annual word. Debby Shuh’s 2011 word of the year was Peace. What inspiration comes out of a word like peace anyway? What are we supposed broker peace in the Middle East or convince North Korea to give up nukes? Aside from voting for Barak, what other peace promoting activities are there for people to do on a day to day basis. Win, create, diet, vote, give, buy (more scrapbooking supplies) are actionable, but peace? Let us know when you succeed.

Oh, hey look:

dThe Hero Arts XO stamp in use. Makes you just want to go out and finally get one, doesn’t it?
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Well, if you've read this far, please encourage our bloggers.

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