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scrapbooking post by ffitzpatrick
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This week in scrapbooking 12-23-11

The holidays have decreased the number of blog posts out there, even Purkey missed a day.  Well, in the tradition of Hannukah, we're making a week worth of posts out of a day's worth of content.  Much like gold coin chocolate.  It's not very good.  But if you're bored, read on.

We found this as a tutorial on a blog. When the well is dry and the pantry’s empty; we’ve all had one of those days. Please note the textbook Shrunk and White methodology on semicolon use. Ivory tower English, baby. Pass it on.

Despite how it interests us so, we normally do not feature a lot on the female self improvement / self empowering angle of scrapbooking, as that phenomena has very little to do with scrapbooking supplies. However, we came upon:

which is the exact opposite of Friday Night Crops. This one makes us think a lot in self amusement, but we have nothing further to write, because it will come off mean.

Soft hues lend to piling on product:

That’s what we’re missing..

“Instrument" doesn’t first come to mind when we see this contraption.  Actually we did see something like this.  In college.  It didn't make music.

This was on the PB site. Yes, already.

For most people this would have been a boring old mitten. However, the way the snowflake is inlaid into the mitten makes it awesome. It reminds us of a test post we once did called “How to own". Most blogs talk about great layouts. This post compared great layouts to bad ones so we can compare and contrast what really makes one great. It was a great learning opportunity, but the owner buried it because we’d be seen as to mean. (Also because one of the bad layouts was hers)

Why does he wait until the product is discontinued before posting ideas about the hammer? We’re out of hammers now. Thank you internet.
Here is one very cooperative husband, or he doesn't have judgemental male friends

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Well, if you've read this far, please encourage our bloggers.

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