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scrapbooking post by ffitzpatrick
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This week in Scrapbooking 12-2-2011

Well, if you didnít know, TH is starting his fifth annual 12 days of Christmas:
Ignore the first two paragraphs, its to address people that are upset he doesnít post all of his supplies before the 12 tags because it will limit his creativity. We have a solution for this: buy everything. Feel free to read about Inlinkz in the next two paragraphs. Decemberís a slow month unless youíre in accounting (or retail). It must be slow, if youíre reading this.

We figured out why every single sheet of Websterís Pages start with that same weak beige

Itís the color of the designerís walls. While other artists have the luxury of field work in gardens, with models or even with their inner demons, this designerís got beige walls and a 14" notebook computer. No wonder most of the design only happens in the corners. Itís all the space sheís got.

SEI offers an advent calendar with tips. The tips are to use different envelope sizes to create visual interest, place elements asymmetricalyl to create strong focal points and repeat patterns and ribbons to create unity. It worked, there are 24 focal points here and we collectively only have 4-6 eyes. This week HS showed her christmas card. Itís electronic.

How do you put that on the mantle?

We learned about a scrapbook store in NYC on the Memory Bee Blog:
To a scrapbook store owner, itís like Sally Struthers beneficiary finding someone fat. How did they do that? Right between Penn Station and WTC. Right next to a subway stop (if memory serves) that the 1 serves. The 1 is an express line. The rent must be ridiculous

†Another first in scrapbook blog history as far as we know it

Cards by Kerri passed a kidney stone this week. It was worse than labor. Thanks for sharing. †In other news, we still have the sniffles.

Look at this:

This is one of the mysteries of life. We have to be politically incorrect here, because itís the only way to convey our curiosity. Why do Caucasians like white meat? We see it everywhere. Itís more expensive at KFC. Itís abundant at the Hometown buffet in Milpitas, but never found at the Hometown buffet on Saratoga. Itís in the ďnew" chicken McNugget after Mcdonaldís ďimproved" the flavor and now the Asians wonít touch it. Itís even in the Orange Chicken at Panda Express, which is why Panda Express is really only a Chinese inspired restaurant. Itís proof that Purchasing Power Parity is yet another failed economic theory that relegates economics below real science because there arenít any agents at the border of Chinatown splitting chickens and maximizing profit. Frank Wykoff be damned, the proof is in the poultry.
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Well, if you've read this far, please encourage our bloggers.

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