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scrapbooking post by ffitzpatrick
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Wlel, eyveorne knwos tihs trick aubot our ailitby to raed scabrelmd wdros. Tihs lyuaot by {benihd the paegs} tkaes flul advnaatge of it.

Here’s a thank you by Penny Black

The best part is that it will have to be hand delivered because there’s no envelope for it.

Northridge publishing is producing a yearly subscription of scrapbooking ideas:

This is a bi monthly subscription that will feature a number of designers. No wonder, their blogs haven’t had any ideas. After filling the book the well ran dry. We did enjoy reading about their families, travel, dogs and self reflection.

We can’t tell if this image is happy or sad.

This ornament comes from Simply Renee. She features three different ones. All year, we’ve been looking for legitimate class worthy ornaments for the store, and its only until now that we’ve found them. Strangely, Simply Rene, Inc sells organizers. We’re not sure how this is relevant to her business, but it is very nice.

Here is another great tutorial that did not leave us enough lead time to steal for a class. We’ll probably do it anyway, since it’s so easy and since we have plenty of packaging after our tag class

Last week we showed a faux snow globe. This week, another one. It may be that the one last week was the first ever, or it may be that someone had it before. It was so zany we though it would be unique. There’s no attribution on this one though. High School students everywhere are brainwashed against plagiarism while the rest of the world revolves around it. It’s really a disservice.

Here is someone who compared twine. Rarely does a blog, except ours, put product up against one another. Our twine is a nickel a yard. We’ve undercharged, but fear not. We can fix that.

Bars Paper Pursuits, who is an MFT designer, made this bag. It occurred to us that the answer to the age old question: “What are you supposed to do with those tags?" is answered here. It probably takes just as long to wrap a present as it does to make a tag. So, make a bunch of them and glue it on a bag so you don’t have to wrap.
For years, we’ve been wrapping presents in newspaper, because it’s easier. The Wall Street Journal is our favorite. Finally, we’re hip.

We couldn’t show this last week, even though we wanted to. Hero Arts made this stamp:

Just when we finally realized QR codes are retarded
Since its some anonymous group of designers at some large conglomerate, it's probably not too mean to mention the number of people that told us this stamp is the embodiment of self indulgent narcissism. Kind of like the presumption we have that people are actually reading "This week in scrapbooking" by continuing to write it. Their blog hop was really well attended. Here were some projects

For some reason, this one reminded us of the illiteracy problem in America. Here’s one with the zig zag background. Look, she brands her own layouts.

An here’s another zig zag background.

They’re really attacking the problem at the tip because the sure way to tell if your store was part of the 2010 blog hop was to look for this stamp:
Without any support every participant either still has it in their store or gave it away. We started out with two and now we have four. Some other store, in a desperate attempt to get rid of theirs stuck it at our store! The zig zag chevron is this year's loop
And finally, for some reason, Jennifer Mcguire Ink was not on the blog hop, but broke out her favorites. This was one of her favorites:
We couldn’t give this one away, but maybe if she did a card with it that does not just use it as a background stamp...

Here is the American Crafts skunk works

It’s no wonder their designs are limited to saturated color and line art. They’re limited to the American Crafts cardstock color pallette. You’ll never see vintage, shabby, kitschy or photo-realistic. It never made sense to us. They have such a broad distribution pipe and portfolio and they can’t broaden the product set like Wilton can.

Paper Pursuits kicked off the Flourishes December challenge.

What a great opportunity. We’re carrying them now.

This jump ring bracelet is one of those items that cost more money in time than product. Of course, the giftee may not fully appreciate it as ones made of gold are available at JCPenny for $49.99
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Well, if you've read this far, please encourage our bloggers.

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