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scrapbooking post by ffitzpatrick
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This week in scrapbooking

11-11-11 equals negative 3

The next time you fight over what color to paint a room, consider this concept instead.

This is a tutorial from a fashion blogger who is trying to do paper arts. We have a few amendments to her tutorial, as we’re experts in the latter. Do no use the tape squares she got at Michael’s. Anytime paper crafts have to fight gravity, at the minimum use thermoweb double sticky tape. We actually like Beacon 3 in 1 best. Better than Helmar because squeezing it out of the bottle does not lead to carpel tunnel. Beacon is messier, however, so the thermoweb has its place. If you want to spend $40 on this project, the best is Be Creative double sticky sheets. We normally use it sparingly in glitter ritz projects, but if you’ve got the scratch, it would be great here.

Here’s a quote that is awesome about how coc deals with holiday tasks:

I enjoy myself, and treat even the mundane tasks as traditions to be enjoyed.

And it actually works for her, she goes on:

By working from a place of happiness, I am always smiling this time of year!

The next time we get frustrated in mid march, chasing down that last 1099, we’re going to treat it as an annual tradition too and deliver our 1040 on April 15 from our happy place.

We get comments all the time that we say mean things about innocent scrapbookers. We think if its’ shared publicly, it should be open season. This is why we don’t even have real facebook pages. However, we will resist any comments on mother son relationship building and let your own mind draw conclusions to this publicly shared photo and this boy's 15 year old self in the future:

If you’ve followed the BoBunny Blogs like we have you’ll notice that in five months, there hasn’t been one in depth tutorial; thre real reason why we read these blogs. This column was really born of frustration. Anyway, we’re happy to report things changed. This is a legitimate tutorial. We were really impressed.

We’re going to steal the butterfly thingy for ourselves. Feel free to make the big aluminum heart thing. It will help us sell album extenders.

To the two regular readers of this kluge (one of whom wants us to write it in Chinese so we don’t lose what she taught us growing up): Here’s that background stamp again!

It's a lot of masking to get the same stamp in so many different colors.

We learned this week that TC suffered a stroke 13 years ago and survived. Amazing. With no disrespect, we want to take this opportunity to state that stroke is MUCH easier to treat if you deal with it within 3 hours. The National Stroke Organization has this list of symptoms and test, but if your memory is poor like ours, you probably only have room for one or two. Please learn and remember:  If you SUDDENLY suffer a headache or confusion and you then can’t READ a newspaper, call 911. You may be suffering a stroke.  If in doubt, call. The call is free, operators are standing by.

t^4 has a frosty debossed technique that we haven’t seen before. Most of the time, people can’t resist going over the crackly paint with walnut stain or old paper. To her credit, she resisted (hee he) using the picket fence over hers, as that technique is played out.  Also TH featured this on his blog.  It must be a pretty good technique.

In an other first, Rhonna Designs is the first scrapbook blog with a music cd review

With content such as music and movie reviews, food, clothes and tips on how to live your life, there’s only one uncharted territory. Who’s got the stones to talk about presidential candidates?
Two days later the answer is: The Memory Bee.

Youtube is worth billions on cat videos and baby videos.

Here’s a picture with both.

Finally, we don’t write about every Blog we follow, but we’ve followed the irrepressable Katie Renz, who’s concepts were stolen more than once.  We're sad to say she has finally passed on November 7, 2011. Our sympathies go out to her twin six year old boys, her 12 year old son and her husband. You can learn a lot about living from how someone dies.

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