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scrapbooking post by ffitzpatrick
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 This week in scrapbooking 1-20-12

Not vintage again

G45 continued their sneak peaks, riding the victorian era to victory after another failed stab at tropical travel.  No hints of the spooky circus, but at some point, vintage has to go the way of geographic designs.

(First person to tell us who made this sheet wins a prize)

Continuing with the debuts, Stamper's Anonymous debuted stamps from their Tim Holtz lines.  Remember this top stamp?
Oh yes, it was the half sister of this famous Penny Black background stamp that no one wanted:
But, now that Tim's going to use it, expect great returns.

Continuing, here's another paean to Grandma's wallpaper:
We also found AE promoting Lizzy stuff:
Guess that means she doesn't have anything of her own coming out at CHA

There are only so many different ways to blandish or admonish someone into living their lives to the fullest.  However, simply me finds a novel one every single week.

A sad bit of news, for those too busy to watch Glee.  Just on three weeks ago, KP couldn't imagine life without Adam.  Alas, the relationship is gone.  Unceremoniously mentioned here:
The main thing about these two weeks was that I was that my relationship with Adam ended.

Every so often, God blesses us for writing TWIS.  We gladly Tebow for this next item.  Recognize it?
Why yes, it's a sentence from Claimed for the Italian's Revenge by Natalie Rivers presented by Harlequin Presents Extra. (No, this citation is not MLA compliant;  No adults care, they're irrelevant).  A sexy and intense revenge story about a patient and forgiving woman and a sexy but remorseful man who blackmailed her, only to have her reform him into a better man.  This is like a sexy but celibate story about a patient and forgiving woman and a sexy but vampiric man who imperiled her with werewolves only to have him reform her into a vampire herself.  Our favorite sentence from this story is:
'Marry you!' Claudia Hazelton gasped, too startled to mask her appalled reaction to the shocking proposal she'd just received. She set her cup down on her saucer with a clatter. 'You're not really asking me to marry you, are you?'
If only Natalie had more skill.  This would have been even better:
'Marry you!' Claudia Hazelton gasped, too startled to mask her appalled reaction to the shocking proposal she'd just received. She set her cup upon the saucer with a clatter; two streams dribbled down its side like her bleeding heart. 'You're not really asking me to marry you, are you?'

Here's a follow up to the AE one word.
In 2011 her one word was "explore".  In 2012 it's focus.  In 2013, it's going to be decide.  She's the traditional heartbreaker.  The "It's not you, its me.  I just don' t know what I want" variety.

There's a new typography miniclass available.
However, if you don't want to pay the $14, download this instead.  And read this blog, it's informative and free.   

Here's a new big headed stamp that's incredible:
Too bad we can't carry it.

Be hip.
MF has coronated MFT stamps.  Use them and you can be hip too.

As we all know WOYWW features people's work spaces (check out #24)
We were inspired to add our own, but here's a list instead.  You can imagine it: Computer, mouse, telephone, spreadsheet.  Why so banal?  We work.

If your unsure of your scrapbooking abilities, here's a tip
Adding babies to pages is like adding bacon to food or making clothes small.  It will be cute.  It doesn't matter.

We don't like to be political here, since this is a scrapbooking site.  However, don't you feel there simply isn't enough wars to justify the expenditure:
Fittingly, this is the USS Reagan.
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Well, if you've read this far, please encourage our bloggers.

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