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scrapbooking post by ffitzpatrick
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This week in Scrapbooking

Simple Scrapbooks

Here's a scrapbook that reminds us of Helvetica.  You remember Helvetica?  There's a great documentary about it.  The critical thing is the German's own Helvetica, which is why we have to use Arial, Verdana or Geneva and live with boring "R"'s instead of:  
Anyway, here's the album; Helvetica is a whole post in itself.
It took one evening to make.

Here's an image:
That was associated with eating better and living a healthier lifestyle.  It didn't do it for us.

This girl does not have ADD

We read this reasonable story, which about a boy finding a cat and companion which included lines such as:
The experience was magic. Watching you interact with the cats & kittens was magic. You were beaming and smiling and giggling and singing lullabies to the kittens as they fell asleep on your lap. You played with a bunch of different cats before narrowing it down to 9-month old “Chance”
But then it ended with:
TELL THE STORY | See how I added this story to my Project Life 2012 (Week One) using my new 6×12 Words & Photos Layered Templates in a post later this week
And just like that, the magic was gone.

We read this somewhere:

Project Life is about your life. Keep it simple, add a little flair, or get fully creative with it. The beautiful thing is – it’s your choice.

Isn't this true of all scrapbooking supplies?  It reminds us that "Sometimes you need a little Finesse, sometimes you need a lot"

You'd think this was a freehand sketch on Copic Xpress paper by Marianne Walker, the head copic lady  No.  This was drawn with adobe illustrator assistance and colored on "thin nice paper".  How coincidental.  We have thin nice paper in stock in our printer tray.

Inklings and Yarn is planning to move into a new home four days before her new kid is due.  Yes.  It's her first one.  Here's an opportunity for her kid to misbehave even before its born.  If baby's early, guess who's cleaning and painting.  It's all an evil plan.

Every so often, we find something we like that we can't steal.
This one would require too many steps for a make and take.  It's nice, however

Here's another one
This one requires stamping on bleach.

This one requires an oven, but friends, the buttercream recipe does not require a swiss meringue (which we all know is the devil)
By the way, if you insist on Swiss Meringue frosting, here's something when it inevitably fails like ours does (time and time and time again).

And finally, this one requires masochishm, but we included it because it is bar none, the best tutorial we've ever seen.  Step by step.  Screen shots.  Differential Diagnosis when things don't work, which they never do.  To appreciate it, compare it to this one, which has no intervening pictures and only six steps to make this:

Here at This Week, we've always found it rare for a pennant banner to find a permanent home in someone's decor.  It seems that husbands would find it difficult to live with in the long term as they're grown adults.

However, it is a compelling argument to claim that space in a daughter's room while they're young and unaware.  Consider the alternative.

This can't be mean because the fame implicates appeal at some universal level, but who does this remind you of?

Inklings and Yarns (again this week) make 60 of these, which includes punching out and placing 480 onesies if you do the math.  We have some inside information.
She also wrote like two paragraphs into each one, which if you sum them together constitute a book.
And she did some of them with assistance from Thumper.
But she was not the one to do the Valentines hearts listed above.

And finally to end the week, we wouldnt' be hip if we didn't link to LMFAO dancing grandmother too.

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Well, if you've read this far, please encourage our bloggers.

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