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scrapbooking post by ffitzpatrick
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This week in scrapbooking 11-18-11

The Heretical Issue

Project Life offers inspiration for people without kids. We suspect if, we were without kids, our recreational pictures would be too indecent for scrapbooking. Here’s a hint of what we’d look like as demonstrated by a cat that can look like that and be “cute":

Wickedly Wonderful Cards has a post about apples, apples, APPLES. We think the image on the card is actually a pear.
We once tried to commission a tutorial on embossing for this blog, rather than stupid stuff like this week in scrapbooking. But we failed. No matter, this sequence of embossing tutorials is great so far...

And if you look at the prices she bought them at, we’re cheaper.

 It seems snow globes could be as popular as ornaments (still no new smiling animal).

It will be there when TH uses his movers and shapers around a snow globe concept with stamps and metallic ephemera. See, anyone can do his job. In the mean time, this one is covered in crackle paint. Doesn’t the use of crackle paint mean the snow globe is leaking?

Here’s a jailbreak that we’re very fond of. Of course, only Harry Potter can put videos in scrapbooks (for now), so this doesn’t exactly foretell a future of riches for scrapbook store owners

Here’s an altered pencil case

We have a three step tutorial for it:
1. Find pencil case
2. Cover in paper
3. Alter

We’ve never seen this before, a picture with both David Brethenaur and Tim Holtz products together.

They go through such effort avoiding each others products, we thought this would be impossible. But then we figured out why this picture was possible. The poster is not a paid endorser

Here’s a picture we thought only existing as line art in a Disney movie

The crazy thing is there’s a camera on the other hand. The camera person has either found the only bird in the world with no survival instincts, or she bought the bird at Michael’s. And is that a worm in her hand? I don’t know if this picture is worth finding and putting a worm in hand.  It isn't even worth putting a worm on your hand just to get free fish from the ocean.

We would love to have more people reading this, but not at the expense of quality content. Thus, here’s something sure to cut the client base in half. HS was recently inspired by Remember the Giants and especially this story:
There is a guy that tells a story of 2 farmers that both needed rain. Both decided to pray for rain, but only one of the farmers went out to prepare his fields to receive the rain. He asked…which farmer had faith that God would hear his prayers? (of course the answer being the one that prepared for rain). And then the question: which farmer are you?
Of course, mankind actually progressed by inventing irrigation.
p.s. We’re quietly God fearing too, but we don’t Tebow.
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